Match Made Media produces long and short form video projects on virtually any topic and within any budget. We have worked with clients in Miami, New York and Los Angeles and truly enjoy the creative process from concept to completion. If you are considering a video project to promote your business or train your employees, sit down with us and let the creative process begin. We can give you plenty of ideas, explain how the production process works and provide an estimate for your project. If you decide to move forward, we will handle the rest...from script writing to editing.


We can produce:

  1. -web videos

  2. -television commercials

  3. -training videos

  4. -corporate videos

  5. -event coverage

  6. -behind-the-scenes shoots

  7. -electronic press kits

  8. -video news releases

  9. -infomercials

  10. -consulting

  11. -project planning

  12. -on-air talent/hosting

  13. -voice over work (English & Spanish)

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